Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Look to the east?
I read an article entitled "To people in China, future looks bright,"reported on International Herald Tribune website. Today's China's surging economy has had one unsurprising by-product : The Chinese people are feeling good about themselves and the world. It is shown by the surveys conducted by Pew Research Centre on Chinese personal optimism about their beloved country's future economic status. Few surveys were conducted and most of it shows a high index on their personal optimism. However, the 'one sided urban response' of the survey distort the truth of this miracle by-product since the Chinese in rural areas were not involved in the process. Laurent, of Asian Demographics, added that opinion surveys in China often needed to be "taken with a grain of salt" because of a tendency among many respondents to want to give positive replies.
"Chinese are very nationalistic and they will be prone to come out with such high satisfaction scores because they are very proud of China," he said. "It would be seen as being disloyal to say you weren't satisfied."

A good example to be followed by Malaysians nowadays?

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