Thursday, December 29, 2005

Beyond is Greece

I'm taking this short opportunity to update my blog from a faraway land from Malaysia for the time being as I am now in Kusadasi in the town of Aydin, a city near Ephesus (in here they called it Efes) and by the sea of Aegen that separates Turkey and Greece (a short, quick research on Ephesus will be a valuable information). It is windy but not as bad as the past few days when I was in Bolu, Ankara, and Cappadocia when the temperature was - 5 degrees Celcius, and I am now having the difficulties to type the keyboard in a mini restaurant that provides an Internet service as I just discovered that there are certain words (obviously I can't point out which letters by using this Turkish keyboard, wait until I go back to Malaysia) do not exist in the normal English alphabetical letters. So far, my journey in Turkey has reached about 1300 km since my short 10 minutes stay in Istanbul on my first day and we will spend more time again in Istanbul (there is 1 more main city as we are heading towards north west from west of Turkey tomorrow) during our last few days later. I have been writing down notes on my valuable experience touring few major cities in Turkey and I will write in the blog soon.

It is 9.30 pm now, and I have to go back to my hotel now which takes about 2 minutes walk from this Turk restaurant that attracts most Deuscthland tourists based on my observation at the moment. And it is dark outside in this foreign country with its nufus or population is 97% are Muslims.

A new word that I learned : Gule Gule = Goodbye

ps: and my beloved brother is waiting for me right now..Hehe..Pity him.

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