Thursday, February 09, 2006

Food for Thought 2

The temperature is high lately in Malaysia and I can feel the blazing heat everytime I step out to the outside world. According to the newspaper, it is due to the changing of monsoon season and it will lasts until March or April. However, it rained this evening. Thank God for the pouring rain, earthly must be happy =)

The food for thought for today continues as we indulge into Steve Day's words :

"Your mind is one great mystery
That none can penetrate
Who knows what you may dream of
What things you can create
You're really very special
And you'll achieve a lot
And if they tell you otherwise
Listen to them not

They think they know your limits
But they can't work you out
No clue to your potential
Or what you're all about
The limited horizon
In as far as they can see
And few will march the distance
To see what else can be

So freedom is each step you take
No word your doubters sent
No need their dire predictions
No need for their consent
Go climb those distant mountains
Get moving don't just look
For you can live the hero's life
That's in your favourite book"


Oh yes, I am going to play indoor soccer today. I have to regain my stamina and skills prior to a friendly match this Saturday. It is my ultimate satisfaction to play football and sweat profusely.

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Trailady said...

Well, have a lot of fun!!!! :o)