Saturday, July 15, 2006

Pak Lah vs Maha vs Anwar

I am in the midst of clarifying the upheat political scene in Malaysia.

I am trying my best to read the writings from the former Prime Minister who is in an anger disposition at the moment, the opinions from the brilliant Oxford-based ex Deputy Prime Minister, and our current Prime Minister's Empowerment: The Role of Citizens.

To support my absence from our country political agenda is such an irrelevant excuse, as if we do not care about it who else is going to do so?

The jinx of this case study: Make the right decision based on the truth vs false, regardless which parties or prominent figures who involved in our analysis of mind.

I love my country, Malaysia. Do you?

All that we need is - Common Sense. Do I need to repeat the words?

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Emir-kun said...

Something out-of-context: I've tagged you in my blog. :)

have fun.