Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Sam to Dorian

My windy day in October was shone by a happiness of an email by my beloved sister in Malaysia. As I am writing on my experience living as a student in the United Kingdom, this piece is the curtain riser of the new environment. Do not mind the content because every family has its own skeleton in the closet, just mind the touch of a pen by a 14-year old girl -

My beloved Dorian,

Can you do me a favour?

Can you please stop logging on your MSN and then left it on for hours afterwards because it's driving your poor sister to death?

Anyway, I don't care if your fellow friends think it's odd for a brother to send e-mails to his sister, because they are just a bunch of green-eyed monsters.

I did something to your brother that you'll either approve or scold me a million times until I get sick. His jackass of a friend eat at our house during the daytime and I thought it would be impolite to not to serve your guest so I brought up a glass of water and a jar of peanuts for him to eat but suprise, surprise. He didn't even touch it.Your brother wasn't too pleased and gave me a lecture on my misbehaviour(don't worry, I'm still alive). You may be pleased to know our parents didn't even give out to me and their silence means they approve of my actions and so you must, too.

How's life been treating my big bro? I hope you're being squeeze the life out of you since you're getting a better weather than we do. God, the heat. And it's suppose to be the rain season.
Mum's been asking me if you have a girlfriend who you left behind in Malaysia since you sounded so sad at the telephone. I told her I don't hold the key to your private life and she should ask you herself. I told her it's the cold and hunger and not some pain at leaving some girl behind. I mean, come on, you're not a child. Maybe you did left a girl, but how am I supposed to know?

I've been busy studying and had decided the computer is evil when you told the Godfather I haven't reply to your e-mail. The Nightingale is pressuring me to study and Mr. Gray is encouraging me to play. Who am I supposed to side with? My book, obviously. 'Rosie Dunne' is a page-turner and funnier than any other books.

At least I'm reading something and not playing. It's a win-win situation. The Godfather would certainly agree with me.

Oh, before I signed off, would you please spend some quality time talking with your brother since he's been a bit down lately. Recently, Nightingale muster some courage(finally!) and told him why he haven't get his Lagenda yet. He agreed but he's still not talking to the Godfather. Hum, I wonder why?

Our Maid Marian remarked since I'm the youngest child, I should be 'daddy's girl' and not your brother. I told her I'm too matured for that.

Our Grandma have decided to dig her daughters' money(joking) and fly over to Amsterdam to spend Raya with her son. Maybe you could hop on a train or something to Amsterdam? Abang Ar is staying with her son the last time I heard.
Well, I must be boring you with unnecessary news so I must pen off now. I would really appreciate it if you don't tell Nightingale about what I wrote because it'll result in her bugging me and me trying to curb my notorious fury.

Well, see you in two years time. Back to my books. Wish me luck for my exams. No, don't do that. Pray for me. May ALLAH bless you.

And, as they never say it over there,


Sam (bored-to-death sister of Mr. Gray and Mr. Logan a.k.a. Wolverine)

p.s. I'm on a two-day holiday thanks to PMR. WOOHOO

I love you sister ;)


b said...

aww.. she's so cute..!

shasha said...

nurul, what a good sis u have...
maybe she's lonely now... since u
are away... she's longing for your brotherly care ;))


p/s:wan told me that he is no longer at that college... i asked him why? he said your parents asked him to do so... hmmmmm

.arfa. said...

wow. she must b missin u like mad ijad! ;) btw. jst made a nu blog acc. so add me nnti ok. haf fun, go mad!