Sunday, December 24, 2006

Jingling Bells

Winter holidays has commenced since last week.

Everything falls into silence, even the bare-naked trees swing congruosly with the anthem of the wind.

The area of East Midlands down to London is blanketed by the unusual thick fog due to the high pressure, is it a sign that Santa will not be coming to Nottingham to perform his annual routine on Christmas? ;p

Nahhhh, the thought of the big fat white Santa with his rhyming Ho Ho Ho makes me smile and disposed my inner child trascending into the good old days when I was a child, like the wonders of Alice in Wonderland and Wizard of Oz once I lived in surrounded by the innocence of childhood ;)

This winter, I take the opportunity to wish tis' season's greeting to all of my friends around the world; have a good time celebrating Christmas and spare loads of ginger breads for me ya?

The window in my room is my dearest sight at the moment, while I indulge myself in heaps of books for the upcoming January examination papers, all the best to all my mates.

Oi oi savaloy, life is great in winter innit ?

ps: A day trip to London tomorrow to catch the scene of Christmas Eve ho ho ho -

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