Monday, January 08, 2007

First Taste of Salt

On this Elizabethan soil I stand,

The North Sea wind caress my hand,

On the spinning globe a lone wayfarer I be,

Wilful wisdom worldly-wit I shall see,

What a man I am a man today,

The moments of childhood seem to be just yesterday,

My train of thoughts seems to be moving,

Like a child holding a kite, running,

The awe of my first blinking eyes,

As if this baby was born into a paradise,

The never ending tenderness by the two,

Like a beacon in the vast sea I hold on to,

The words are like Euphrates to the people,

The doors to fathom the unfathomable,

Who am I without you two,

A dark, hollow void I lost into,

They taught me to greet the sun,

And paint the moon, son,

Passion and flowing water of love, they blew,

Like a star falls from the sky out of the blue,

The touch of Midas I have been turning to,

The smile of Teresa makes me over the blue,

They taught me how to friend among friends,

Like the guidelines of Columbus, I sang,

Just as I was about to smell the roses,

They whispered life is not a bed of roses,

They torched the blindness in me,

As the puppiest of love creeps into me,

They still kiss me when I am a man,

As they know there is a baby in this man,

The truth of life knows no age,

To taste the sweet and bitter in edge,

The voices are like a lyre to the ears,

Sweep away the invisible tears,

These words are just one in billions,

After twenty two years I have been breathing millions,

Tell them that you love them,

They say,

As this life is temporary,

God say,

I love both of them eternally,

As I may,

Shall enter the gate of Babylon,

I pray,

As long as this pen,

Penned their true fairytale,

This is the bliss,

Of stories I could tell.


Saya sayang ibu bapa saya,
Kerna genap 12 Januari saya dua puluh dua tahun,
Di kehidupan dunia.

Kepada teman-teman,
Ku ambil ulangtahun kelahiran ini,
Untuk meminta maaf sepanjang kehidupan,
Dan penghargaanku mengenali teman-teman,
Hidup ini indah,
Teruskan perjuangan,
Dengan hati seindah sutera.
Terima kasih.

The ink never fades,
Sharazad 12 Januari 1985 -


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