Thursday, February 01, 2007

5-minute rest to the planet

We live and die on this planet but most of us fail to perceive it as our dearest friend, a friend who gives us eternal air to breathe and the exotic floras and faunas that inspired painters worldwide like Van Gogh and Picasso.
People express the appreciations through the colours of paintings, but why do we still blindly taint it?
This planet, it is one of God's creations.
In a way, it is a living thing.
Pollution taints our planet, the sun shines abnormally, the snowflakes rarely flirt anymore like the past winter times, the ice on the north pole melts, the migration of birds and other sea animals is unpredictable, and all these arrived to one conclusion = the stupidity of human beings.

We just see the planet from inside of it, but we failed to imagine the beauty of the planet from the moon, we failed to appreciate the blue of the vast ocean and the green of the lands even though there was a footprint on the moon.

Blame ourselves.

But, it is never too late.

" MEDIA COVERAGE - RADIO 5 LIVE (UK NATIONAL RADIO STATION) Thanks to those of you who listened to me on the radio - hope it came across well!

If you missed it and would like to hear it then go to
and click on 'listen again'. scroll down to find the 'up all night' program on Wed 31st Jan.. then i come on about 15mins into the program!

Lights out everyone 1st of feb On the 1st February, 2007 throughout the world:

CORRECT START TIMES - there has been a lot of confusion but to save the difficulties of timezones then please read the following..

ENGLAND AND THE UK - We have the opportunity to join in with France since we are close. So the French start time is 7.55pm - that is 6.55pm (GMT) here in the UK. So let's join in with them to make the effect greater! I know there are some going for 7.55pm.. so if you're confused.. why not do both!?

USA AND CANADA - It's pointless you guys joining in with Europe cos it would be the middle of the day over there. So to save confusion about timezones just switch off your lights 7.55pm YOUR OWN LOCAL TIME.

Hope that makes things a little clearer.

WEBSITE - For great daily tips on how to conserve energy please visit - thanks!

The "Alliance pour la Planète" (a national grouping of environmentalassociations) appeals to all citizens to give the planet 5 minutesrespite :

Everybody to extinguish all their lights and illuminations and turnoff equipment on stand-by on the 1st February 2007 from 18h55 until 19h00. (GMT)

The purpose is not just to save electricity for 5 minutes that day, but todraw the attention of citizens, the media and the authorities to the wasteof energy and the need to initiate action! 5 minutes respite for the planet:that's not long, it costs nothing and will show our politicians that climatechange is something which should figure prominently in political debates.

Why the 1st February? Because that is the day on which the latestreport of the United Nations Panel of Experts is to be released in Paris.

Although this event is scheduled to take place in France, we should not missthis opportunity of drawing attention to the global climatic situation.

If we all participate our actions will have great public and politicalresonance, at an important moment in our political life.! "

Sometimes, good things can happen when the lights are off - New York City Blackout, 14 August 2003 ;)


Anonymous said...

Hiya Ijad,

Very deep insights into what is essentially the best days of your (twenties) life! Do take a walk along the Japanese gardens at the lakeside; that's where 'love' appeared for me :-) Beeston is good for the solitary moments you seem to long for once in a while. I used to live above the post-office. Cool place to be where you get to sneak a peek at those 'hooligans'! The North entrance is lovely during spring and the field next to Trent building is golden amidst the autumn leaves (hey! listen to Eva Cassidy's autumn leaves ok). Get involved in Malaysian Nite coz I know you are extremely talented and we need people who are musically-inclined like you. 'Love' also saw me when I was onstage at the D H Lawrence Pavillion gabbing away when the mike's battery went dead on me on 9 March 2002! You must be wondering who I am but, hey, I'm already taken lah, hehe... Got a 1-year-old girl already....It's none other than your cousin and Nottingham Alumnus, Kak Juju lah:-))) We should get together and have a cuppa. I only take Earl Grey.

Anonymous said...

We could do it. No, seriously, we could. If the weather is not already roasting us, that is.
Mariah n Nurul