Sunday, April 22, 2007

Coffee Shop Lesson

My Portuguese friend Ruben brought me a weekly Caffe Nero magazine while I was reading 'Prague: A Novel' on a pleaseant Saturday morning. Last week, when I was surfing the Caffe Nero website I came across the compliments or complaints section. As a regular customer at the outlet in Bridlesmith Gate overlooking Ted Baker, I wrote an email expressing my views on the service by the baristas since the day one I tasted its coffee. Ruben said Justina Virdee, who is the Head of Customer Services of Caffe Nero Group Plc chose to published my comments in their magazine three weeks in a row, as the best comments so far from its customers. I believe any kinds of service to the public, it shall be delivered in a professional manner, with a smile and warm attitude that ensures the satisfaction of the public. This is something that Malaysians in the public sector should ponder and improve on, after all these people are just baristas working in a coffee shop and earning minimum wages. Nonetheless, they never fail to smile and greet me.

Dziekuje (thank you) to Ruben, Eva, Greg, and the rest of the baristas. Bordza dobra robota (very good job)


RE: [NEWSENDER] - Thanks! - Message is from an unknown sender
Mon, 16 Apr 2007 09:23:04 +0100
"Justina Virdee"
"Saiful Bahri Mohd Sharazad"

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Hello Sharazad

Thank you for your email.

I am delighted to hear that you enjoy your visits to our Bridlesmith store in Nottingham . It’s great to receive such positive feedback from our customers. I will be sure to pass this onto our manager and team concerned. They will be equally delighted to read of your kind comments. I certainly hope that we can continue to serve you in the manner that you have come to expect.

Many thanks for your interest in Caffe Nero

Kind regards

Justina Virdee
Head of Customer Services
Caffe Nero Group Plc

Tel: 0207 520 5169

From: Saiful Bahri Mohd Sharazad [] Sent: 15 April 2007 21:39To: complimentsSubject: [NEWSENDER] - Thanks! - Message is from an unknown sender

Dear Caffe Nero team.
I would like to express my highest satisfaction and gratitude on its outlet service at Bridlesmith Gate Nottingham. I am an international student studying in University of Nottingham and Nero's would always be my regular spot to have a cup of caramelatte while studying or meeting up with friends. I am a regular customer and most of the baristas know me by now and their hospitality and greetings and sometimes accompanying me during breaktime have made me feel at home.

I have a suggestion here on the selection of music in Nero's; how about playing italian or eastern european music which is now starting to make its impact in the music world? and the soothing feeling in Nero's can be ambienced by playing some of the wonderful orchestra or classicals i believe.

Till now, kudos to Nero's.
Caramelatte will always be my favourite, and I hope the caffe will expand internationally, hopefully mark its first existence in my country, Malaysia !

Carpe diem,
University of Nottingham


Emirin M K said...

That's good to hear, next time don't forget to ask me along! :P

Seriously, I'll choose Nero over Starbucks anytime... :)

Sharazad said...

dear emir.
sure ;)

ayesha said...

the warm greetings and smiles (i'm not sure about sincerity) in malaysia only exist in high class cafe (eg. dome,shook,chinos, and etc).. and.. our dear mamak stalls(their smiles and jokes r real)..but they're not actually malaysian pun..
some star bucks and coff bean outlets are okey... but they're friendly only to good looking people.. hmmm..

ainil said...

dude, i giggled while reading your email to the team!
it was a high hope there to bring another competitor for starbucks and kopi kacang. who knows right??
well, ever heard of tim hortons??they are good(and cheap) too..

Sharazad said...

i cannot agree no more ayesha.. ;)

Sharazad said...

dear ainil, i never heard of tim hortons ;p hmm.. do tell me about 'him' or 'coffee outlet'?

well.. according to Ruben, Caffe Nero will start operating internationally in 3 months time, in Turkey ;p the bridge between Asia and Europe ;))

i rasa in 5 to 10 years time kot if Nero nak sampai to Malaysia..

hmm.. if i could convince the management to open up in Malaysia sooner than that.. hehe

Xizang said...

hi I is also International student. You're English is very nice. I am trying very hard to make best my English. Can you give me some tips? How do u learn this beautiful language?
p/s I'm sorry to sound stupid but what do kudos means? Is it a special drink from cafe nero?

Sharazad said...

hello xizang.

kudos basically means congratulations or keep up the good work.

if i am not mistaken, it is a japanese word. nowadays, lots of french and latin words being used in english, the same goes to KUDOS ;)

by the way, are you studying in university of nottingham? if you are, i am more than happy to assist you in learning english. for the time being, i may suggest you read the daily newspaper or maybe listen to english songs?

hope to hear from you again.