Monday, July 30, 2007

Tomorrow as Today

It has been a while or I shall say been months I have not updated my blog. The time frame was like Marco Polo's silk path from the Bosphorus' air of Istanbul to the mainland China, experiencing new things and meeting new people in life. I have been experiencing the same situation since I first arrived from the UK in early June, only that mine is in the 21st century. The similar situation shapes up my perspective in life, narrowing down my dream yet to be achieved after graduation next year, and simplifying the choices that have to be chosen wisely.

Life in the university cannot be compared to the working life, it's not an apple to an apple, yet the effort to find the similarities will be just an effortless effort like one who tries to compare Mahatma Ghandi with Julius Caesar. At this point of time, I have been working as a Vacational Trainer for a month in KPMG Malaysia, or in the UK it s called as an internee. Throughout the month, my diary from Monday to Friday will be the same. The day for tomorrow will be the same as today when I close my eyes trying to get the best sleep I could have, this expectation is basis upon the working life for argument sake. This is the reality, the phase after the sweet and hard time in the university.

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