Saturday, November 26, 2005

All for one
It has been a month or more since my first day in University of Nottingham M'sia Campus, located in a secluded yet a peaceful area overlooking the hills in Semenyih. Being in the university where there are various races and international students from United Kingdom, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, and even Russia has somehow or rather broadened my horizon, my mind and how it tells me such a big world we live in. Whether you want to believe or not, one word will arise under this kind of environment, not just here but I believe anywhere in this world : RACISM. My point of view: I have zero tolerance in racism. Why? Because I believe it distorts the mechanism of globalisation that is essential for all of us nowadays to learn from each other, in other words the process of learning from different people because this not a world that belongs to only one race, it is a world created by God for all people, and those who are wiser know their responsibility to make this place a prosperous state of living now and hereafter. However, they said racism occurs because of one's dissatisfaction againts others due to the failure of adapting others' culture that is not the former's cup of tea.

One lesson to be learned: Different people have different culture that they have used to for so long and being in this world of different nationalities, I believe it is our responsibility to adapt to different kind of culture and environment and hey, this is what we will face when we work in five or ten years down the road! And never let RACISM and PREJUDICISM eat the flesh of our mind. At times, tolerance is needed but as always, limit is the border line for those who have the dignity of oneself. Come on my friends, wake up.

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