Saturday, December 10, 2005

Emir, Husni, and I entered a young entrepreneurship award 2005/06 organised by HSBC which involves participants from Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Philippines and on 7th December 2005, we qualified for Round 2 in which if we manage to impress the organiser on our business plan and idea and its sustainability in the market, we will proceed to Round 3 that will be held in Hong Kong. As representatives from University of Nottingham M'sia Campus we would be more than happy to welcome any ideas or suggestions regarding this regional competition. In Malaysia, there are only 23 teams (compared to 40 or more teams from Hong Kong) managed to go through Round 1 and being Malaysians we will continue to market our proposal with hope it brings the benefits to the society in the future. For more details, log on to As Semester 1 comes to an end, we pray for our success on and off the education field. Amen.

"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy"

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vivica-defect said...

hey, this sounds strange but you're on my msn messenger list and i realised that you have a blog. yet we havent chatted on msn (or maybe i've forgotten)!

anyway, nice posts. interesting.