Monday, December 05, 2005

Kyoto Protocol
I've read an article in News Straits Times today on Copenhagen Consensus 2004, in which the plan to combat HIV/AIDS be at the top of the world's priority list (as recommended from the Copenhagen Consensus 2004 expert panel of world-leading economists.) They forecasted about 28 million cases could be prevented by 2010 with the estimated cost of $27 billion with benefits almost forty times as high, a very favourable indication of a plan indicated by the cost-benefit analysis. Besides, the experts have used their knowledge and insight in a very positive and constructive way to prioritize a list of solutions to the world's great challenges. However, the debate on important global warming vis-a-vis Kyoto Protocol (a policy in dealing with climate change by reducing emissions of carbon which expires in 2012) will continue as ten thousand representatives from 189 countries will meet in Montreal in the week of December this year at COP11, which is the 11th meeting of the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties.

Regardless how complicated it is to achieve an agreement from different understandings from different countries on global warming issues under Kyoto Protocol, the end result lies upon the basic awareness of the importance to love the world and its environment, as this is the only soil, the only place for us to live until our last breath. Come on world leaders, politicians, and citizens of all countries, portray to the world the simple sensibility of COMMON SENSE.

The Bushes and some senseless Americans, do open your eyes and your mind! Your opposition against the protocol fails to enlighten any relevant reasons for the benefit of the world.

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