Tuesday, December 20, 2005

In conjunction with the 11th Asean Summit that was held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre from 12 to 14th December 2005, a business exhibition called the 'East Asia Business Exhibition 2005' took place from 10 to 14th December 2005 at the same venue. With the aim to boost business integration between Malaysia and her respective Asia countries like China, Japan, New Zealand, and others alike, the slogan 'Forging East Asian Business Synergies' is none other the best verbal message to deliver the similar intention. It was also a platform in venturing new knowledge on new business that takes place in the respective countries, such as my new knowledge on hybrid technology created by Toyota in its automobile industry. Hybrid technology basically applies the use of gasoline plus electric in the car, which ensures the smooth transmission when the car starts, accelerates, and decelerates. From the showcase of Toyota from Japan, I learned that a "strong hybrid" system like Hybrid Synergy Drive can use its gasoline engine and electric motor in any combination and even run on just its stored electricity. Toyota Motor Corporation has also created other kinds of hybrids to help lighten the environmental load every way they can.

In addition, I also learned that Beryl's and Lewre are our homegrown brands!

I went back at around 2 pm, exhausted as the day passed by but the satisfaction in gaining new knowledge about the vast kinds of our homegrown industries and the useful sources for my Malaysian Society and Economy's project paper outweighed the tiredness of all.

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