Tuesday, December 20, 2005

My passion in football continues as the next World Cup is scheduled to be held in Germany with first match between the host nation and Costa Rica. The ballot has been drawn and the matches have been scheduled as Heidi Klum became the host during the prestigious ceremony witnessed by distinguished football players, coaches, press, and others alike. The dream for yet again the crown of English Premier League 2005/06 is on the right direction with the hard work shown by the Blues' players in the last match against Arsenic Arsenal (as I called it hehe) which claimed an undeniable victory of 2 nil. The ego shown by Arsene Wenger as he straightaway walked into the tunnel without shaking the hands of our great Jose Mourinho after the show was a reflection of his refusal to admit Chelsea's great football displays at the moment. Football is not just a game, for some players like Ronaldinho and Pele it is a medium to satisfy themselves and to express their hopes for their beloved country, Brazil amidst the economic and political turmoil that have shrouded the country over the years. Even for some other people, football brings unity in a country like Togo and Angola despite the big problem of income distribution in which the poor is the poorest and the rich is the richest. Yes, in every game a win is the objective but one must not forget that it is not the ultimate objective. A lose with a good style of game, spirit, and unity among different nationalities of players is the perfect definition of win in my diary of football.

As Richard Clayderman's masterpiece entertains me tonight, I would like all of us to ponder on the quote by Pele, "Enthusiasm is everything. It must be taut and vibrating like a guitar string".

Congratulations to Frank Lampard, Ronaldinho, and Samuel E'too as they were the finalists for the FIFA's World Player Gala 2005 with 'The Gaucho' became the winner followed by 'The Lamp' and 'The Panther'.

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shahbiadzhar said...

hey dude, the fact is the other way around- maurinho rushed to the tunnel first without shaking hands with wenger. Thats what i watched in tube! but who cares??
i just care abt man utd inconsistency right now! =(