Thursday, February 23, 2006

Lovely Gift

Nothing can be compared to the happiness when I told my beloved parents about my semester 1 result. The moment when they smiled from ear to ear nearly made me cry, how I am deeply grateful to the Almighty for granting me the good result that resembles the bridge for me to further my study in the UK.

69.03, graded as second class upper with just 0.97 to achieve first class is best enough for me as the inspiration for me for the second semester.

Yes, this is my gift to my parents.

And also a gift to PETRONAS, my degree sponsorship unit.

And not to forget, to Nottingham University Business School, Faculty of Social Science 2005.

This is my life.

It is like a ship, sailing across the sea.

I am the captain of the ship.


sakin ali said...

I am glad to hear bout ur excellant result.Keept it up n always be the captain of ur life.

b said...

That is damn excellent, congrats..!

Trailady said...

You are the captain of your ship, but Almighty God is the wind that fills your sails...