Sunday, February 26, 2006

Their Stupidity, Our Unity

God gives us the most precious element in life, which is our mind. It is for us to distinguish between black and white, good and bad, and to be sensible about other people's pride and emotions.

Sadly, today's world is clueless and lost on how to utilise the precious element. The freedom of speech and act has been seen as borderless, with the absence of respect and sensitivity.

As a result, I do not have even a small dust of respect to these kind of people.

It is not a weird fact, that the Third World countries are in better civilisation than these kind of countries again.

Stupidity prevails from their dead, black sea.

Then comes our unity, raining cats and dogs above the sea.

An activist, Hishamuddin Rais, an uncle of a friend of mine Hafas presents his views on this matter :


Adam Abdullah said...

To say that they are breaching the line of freedom of speech is not really a correct way to say it. We have to understand that Freedom of Speech is sacred to them as much as the Prophet Muhammad is sacred to us. And the only border when it comes to Freedom of Speech is when the freedom is used to harm other people, and offencing is not harming. I'm not saying this because I support them, but to point out where our and their beliefs crashed. There is no clear way to actually solve this problem other than trying to find a common ground on which both worlds can stand.

Emir-kun said...

so true, so true, cannot agree more.

Trailady said...

It is sad how many walls divide people around the world. Every man, woman, culture has something to offer. Unfortunately, because of the struggles we face, oceans between us and differences in belief, we become hardened and separated from each other.