Friday, March 10, 2006

Kenyan Language

The diary of one's university life is not just about lectures and exams. I took the opportunity of having multinational friends to learn about the different cultures and languages. My housemates, Wilson Kuteli Kakai and Mahmood from Kenya did not hesitate when I asked them to do me a favour, which was to teach me the Swahili language.

I am still learning Swahili.

They are helpful yet wonderful housemates.

Shukran (Thank you)

Below are some of the Swahili words that keep on tickling in my mind at the moment :

1. Habari = How are you
2. Mzuri Sana = I am fine
3. Po'a = I am good
4. Alam Siki = Goodnight/Bless
5. Bi Noor = response to alam siki
6. Umekula = Have you eaten?
7. Ndiyo = Yes
8. La = No
9. Ashanti/Shukran = Thank you
10. Umeshindaje = How is your day?
11. Vyema = Well/Fun
12. Umechoka = Are you tired?


Ask Wilson or Mahmood for the meaning =P


Adam Abdullah said...

wow. sounds more like arabic. anyway ijad, u must have this song. i cant find it on the internet. song called I'll be seeing you by Frank Sinatra. kalau ade, msg me or anything. thanks!

Ruzainah said...

hi ijad. habari? :D

kumbafu?.....hmmmmm...muzzie has a penchant for that word. MUST find out the meaning. Somehow I've got the biggest feeling that it's not a good word. lol.


faisal said...

learning kenyan language?

i would be the first one to give up!!