Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Starless Sky, Fit to Fly

It is a starless night. I am in my room, resting as I just came back from the gym. I have been working out and doing cardiovascular for a month with the hope to keep fit and maintaining my stamina. It is easy to plan and have hopes like this, but the truth is it is very hard if there is no consistency and the spirit to make it a daily routine. I keep remembering my inner heart that ‘action speaks louder than words’. I feel very healthy and satisfied after working out and to sweat profusely. My aim now is to be consistent and I will keep on doing this until the final day of my life.

To make my future children proud that they have a healthy and active father and at the same time setting a good example for them that exercise and sports are part of their life, and this is the only reason for my eternal happiness.

And to prove to my future wife that the theory of ageing process is not a stumbling block for one’s to work out and to keep fit.

When the sun rises and the crystal-clear sky is visible, I will whisper to my loved ones, “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy, for there is more to life than just work, study, and exams”

Oh yes. There is only a star in the sky tonight, twinkling like a precious diamond bounded by the silence of darkness. Starry starry night =)

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Trailady said...

I am happy that you take time to exercise. You seem to have great passion for life- this makes me glad. You also have an eye to the future while being well grounded in the present day. May God bless you as you learn and grow as an individual. :o)