Monday, April 17, 2006

Gun, Devil, and the Blue colour

I wrote a poem in expressing my happiness for the team which I have supported since Gianfranco Zola's time when at that time almost Malaysians supported Manchester United and Liverpool, that the English season will witness for the second consecutive year their champion as the season is going to and end, to mark the beginning of the biggest football tournament on earth, World Cup in Deustchland.

The sky is blue,
The helpless Devil shyly says that it is true,
Even the arsenic Gun is seeing blue,
That the English season will be painted blue.


I received a response from my accounting teacher, Mr. Kay who is an Arsenal diehard fan who taught me during my A-Level, which I found it was a very good and justified response.

The moment the money has been invested,
The world has seen that success is obligatory,
But if it falters then it is unacceptable,
Return On Capital Employed should be justified,
A club with no money like the Arsenic Gun should be contented.

Nevertheless, that is the game. One will win, one will lose at the other side. Football is like our life which resembles the two vertical points on a spinning wheel. There are times when my team is on the higher point, and I believe in the near future it will be vice versa. For the moment, I am enjoying the present moment. There is a saying in English, 'Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment'.

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