Sunday, April 02, 2006

A Nation and A Blind Man

Is politics a forbidden world for the students nowadays?

Are we as students just have to go to lectures, read the mainstream newspapers, believing every news in favour of the current situation and do not even have the chance to evaluate the right truth about our beloved country, Malaysia?

Would we be labelled as citizens who do not have the patriotism and nationalism spirit if we voiced out the right truth, figures, and facts regarding our countries?

I strongly believe as a Malaysian student who loves this country as the blessed soil of my life, I have the right to read and to listen to different sources of news. I believe that in order for one, for every human being to be fair in evaluating wisely, one has to have sufficient knowledge and information from two contrary sources (one that in favour and the other one against of) thus one knows how to make the right and wise judgement, conclusion, and choice. Why do people simply jump to a conclusion if we voiced out the unfavourable facts regarding our country however true the facts are, we are against the current government and spreading out the propaganda that would adversely affect the prosperity and unity in this country? I would rather say that people who voice out the truth facts are those people who are really Malaysians, who really care, who really have the nationalism spirit. My lecturer Thomas said, "You can take me out of Scotland, but you cannot take the Scottish out of me". Do not forget, we as students supposed to act like a bridge between the rakyat and the government.

Do not live in a claustrophobic world in an environment called 'university'. We are not school children anymore. We have the right to keep track of our country's current affairs, evaluate, and conclude the right scenario. The most important thing, do not just stand in front of the stumbling block in your mind, leap or jump over it.

Who is going to take care of this country in the future, who is going to tell the future generation the ups and downs of our country, who is going to determine the fate of Malaysia, who is going to challenge some of the biased history facts of this country since 1957, if not us? The so called Malaysian students?

Think about it.

As Malcolm X said, 'You are not to be so blind with patriotism that you cannot face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it'


I am Malaysian.
You can take me out of Malaysia, but you can never take the Malaysian out of me.

Recommended readings by the time of graduation:
1. Salina by A. Samad Said
2. SHIT by Shahnon Ahmad
3. The Asian Renaissance by Anwar Ibrahim
4. My Side of History by @ Chin Peng
5. Paradoxes of Mahathirism by Khoo Boo Teik
6. The Flame Tree by Yang-May Ooi


Ainul Hafiz said...

nice blog n nice view ijad

tak keysah ek i add ur link at my page~?

Ainul Hafiz said...

Just wanna add...

had u read faisal tehrani's Cinta Hari-hari Rusuhan?

ade cite pasal student2 pertahankan hak...

then cara die leraikan n where the hell pergi perjuangan2 at those black n blue days quite make sense.. when u grow up, u do things depending on ur situation.. not on ur raging hormones.. quite true

time kite mude2.. kite geram ngan tu.. geram ngan ni.. tp once kite dah jadi sumone.. lagi2 ble cam dah jadi org kesygn negara sbb naikkan ekonomi ke ape ke... kite cam senyapkan perjuangan kite...

tuh bende yg aku kupas sket2 aa.. ade gak yg teruskan perjuangan die.. tp.. well, welcome to Malaysia :)

juliana said...

salman rushdie says...

if there's an attempt to silence a writer, the best thing a writer can do is not be silenced. if somebody is trying to stifle your voice, you should try and make sure it speaks louder than before.

keep up the good work.. great blog :)

Emir-kun said...
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Emir-kun said...

I think you've missed one great book:

The Malay Dilemma by Mahathir Mohamed.

Cowboy_Kampung said...

The Malay Dilemma represent an obsolete and distorted image of the malays and prolong the western orientalist misconception of true nature of the malays and other native asians.

If one think that The Malay Dilemma is a great book, one obviously never read or aware of Prof Syed Hussein Alatas' excellent book "The Myth of The Lazy Native".

The book was first published in 1977.

You'll be amaze with his profound intellectual insight on the subject of the malays and the root of their predicament.

The book was translated into malay by the title "Mitos Peribumi Malas".

S H Alatas has debunked and refuted strongly Mahathir's thesis on the nature of the malays with an in-depth research and analysis to explain the root of the misconception of malays made by the western orientalist who evalute asians through their imperialistic prism and colonial ideology.

Edward Said, the great palestinian intellectual in his book "culture and imperialism" discuss at length S H Alatas' "The Myth of The Lazy Native".

Edward Said acknowledge Alatas monumental work as describe the book as "great work of studies".

It is sad and very unfortunate to think that many Malaysians are not aware at all of the existence of this great intellectual who is well respected in the international academic world but remain literally unknown in his own country and ignored by the younger generation.