Friday, May 26, 2006

Au revoire

The academic university year of 2005/06 has ended. It was a year full of excitement, a mingling pot of different nationalities all around the world. We learned each other's culture and languages, horizontally across from mainland China to United Kingdom in a single institution in Malaysia. To mark the end of the year in a joyous occasion, painted by the smiles of my friends from Nigeria all over to Pakistan we had a wonderful-camarederie-yet-not-the-last occasion in the heart of Kuala Lumpur last night. I enjoyed the time with Divij and other friends from India, we had a farewell conversation echoed by the sound of music in the club. Up to this date, I managed to keep contacts of my international friends as I believe in the future they might be helpful business associates in light of globalisation, with a dynamic network effect. They might be the future accountants, CEOs of the national companies, economists, politicians, and other professions and with a strong platform in forging the economic and business cooperations across the region; we as professionals may contribute a piece of our mind for the betterment of the world. With this, allow me to wish happy summer holiday and let the time proves that our future rendezvous is not impossible.

To Kamol who has been back to Bangkok, keep on raising out your valuable views for your country's better situation. To Divij, thanks for the hope that all of us are going to be successful in the future. Insyaallah we shall talk again in Delhi, perhaps. To Michael from Myanmar, eventhough the insensible regime prohibits your freedom to land your feet in your own country that does not mean the spirit of nationalism will fade away, I will do the best to find an alternative job for you here in Malaysia. To the rest especially Muzzie, Harith, Helmy, Ratna, Rosdanial, Vashti, Amina, Sara, Yana, Shereen, Khalis, Fahmi, Haroun, Husni, Aiman, Harith Treetrunk, Nabil, Wilson, Njoroge, Amri, Moodi, Abbas, Raninda, Fairuz, Shazlan, and Agus; thank you for the presence in the university.

We shall meet again -

Mohd Sharazad Saiful Bahri,
BA (Hons) Business Economics and Management,
Nottingham University Business School,
University of Nottingham


rIn said...

Jad, u dah cuti?
Awalnya, dengki.
Take care Jad.

Ainul Hafiz said...

u've been tag. Btw, jazlan nyer futsal early July ek? Demmit lama tak men.. but don't think ur here anymore.. hahaha