Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Summer before September

Activities to occupy my summer holiday -

- Futsal once a week
- Easy reading; Reader's Digest
- Student Visa Application to the United Kingdom
- Filling in the University of Nottingham Offer and Accommodation Letter
- Playing football every evening
- Cherish the quality moments and responsibilities with my family
- 'Balik Kampung' and visit my grandmother in Malacca
- Occasionally alfresco with friends around Kuala Lumpur
- World Cup showdown in Germany
- Fashion hunting via shopping
- Inspiring my Paris in the East Coast, the dearest of them all

The holiday is the opportunity for me to reflect myself in order to be a better person. A true man is the one of values and success, for he is the one who grow through life and not just go through it. Hmm ~

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