Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hail Hizbullah

I was in The Saujana Kuala Lumpur for a night last few weeks, accompanied my mother attending her business conference. Surrounded by green forest in the vicinity of Subang Airport, I had my own sweet time in the well furnished and decorated room. My solitary time was occupied by listening to the CNN and BBC, my mind was searching for the root cause of the Israeli attacks on Lebanon.

The Israelis claimed that the attacks are on their rightwill as two of their soldiers have been captured by Hizbullah. The attacks on southern Lebanon and the most destructive of all on Qana which hundreds of children have been killed are unequal to the captive of their soldiers; which still has to be justified and my common sense tells me : we do not need to use a sledgehammer to kill a fly, I believe.

With in depth interest of the Middle East conflict I had heaps of readings on the Internet to do the analysis. I came to a conclusion, the Zionism regime and its allied the United States of America represented by the blind Condoleezza Rice have their own capitalism interest to control the wealth of the oil and to bring the new prospect of satellite countries in the Middle East, under their own dirty hands.

An ustaz told me it has been said that in the Koran; God has said that the Jewish will never ever be pleased with the Muslims and even other religions as their stupidity has been proven in the history of our prophets. They believe that the world belongs to them, a dream that only they cherish every night of their lives.

The leaders of the OIC are weak, instead of voicing out and taking drastic measures to punish the Israel of damaging the international laws they just resorted to have a conference that I believe is fruitless. Pray is the only solution for the normal citizens like us.

PLO is just an invicible organisation with a name now, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan have been bribed by the Rice team, and it lefts to Syria and Iran now.

Keep on defending the country, Hizbullah - an eye is for an eye.

Soon it is going to be the D-Day for the innocents ones, and I wonder what is the role of the Perdana Peace Global Forum that I attented last year on this matter?

Below is the letter written by Khairy Jamaluddin to the blind woman, Condoleezza Rice :

Madam Secretary: YOU were and remain unwelcome in Malaysia because you really should have been elsewhere. You should have gone straight from Rome to Beirut and then to Damascus in order to secure an immediate ceasefire to Israel’s brutal attacks on Lebanon.

But then, you’re not interested in a ceasefire, right? You had a chance a few days ago in Rome to agree to an immediate cessation of violence, but you were having none of that.

Two weeks ago, at the United Nations, Qatar sponsored a Security Council resolution that demanded Israel withdraw its troops from Gaza, another killing field that you have encouraged your ally to create, but you had to exercise your first veto in almost two years. In fact, you were the only country in the Security Council to exercise the veto.

It seems clearer by the day and as more innocent Lebanese and Palestinian lives are obliterated by weapons made in your country and supplied on a fast-track basis to Israel that you are not interested in peace in the region.

It is, therefore, not surprising that your inaction is regarded as acquiescence to the murder of civilian populations and wanton destruction of property, infrastructure and livelihoods.

Your continued refusal to call for a halt to the violence and intervene in the crisis is tantamount to giving Israel the green light to continue butchering its way to an end no one quite knows.

Israel’s own Justice Minister said, "We received... at the Rome conference permission from the world to continue the operation."

I cannot begin to tell you how offensive that statement is. Are you and your ally, Israel, so delusional as to think that the world supports this destruction of Lebanon and attack on Gaza? Do you think we are stupid enough to buy the spin that Hizbollah and Hamas are to be blamed for the escalation in violence?

What about decades of neglect and disenfranchisement of the Palestinian people, who are denied a sovereign nation and driven from their own lands?

What about 18 years of the brutal and bloody occupation of southern Lebanon by Israeli forces?

What about US foreign policy in the Middle East which has continued to abet and support Israeli intransigence and violence?

What the world sees is a massively disproportionate response by Israel to the capture of one Israeli soldier in Gaza and two in southern Lebanon.

What about the 10,000 Palestinian political prisoners languishing in Israeli jails or the thousands of Lebanese who suffered unspeakable torture at the prison in Khiam?

If they respond for every Palestinian or Lebanese captured and tortured with the same ferocity that the Zionist regime has shown over three soldiers, Israel would be flattened and Israelis will cease to exist.

That is how disproportionate Israel’s response has been. The atrocious and dastardly attacks, especially on the Lebanese people, are acts of state terrorism. There is nothing that separates Israel and al-Qaeda, no fine distinction between Osama bin Laden and Ehud Olmert.

As far as the Malaysian people are concerned, Israel is a terrorist state with its hands stained with the blood of innocent Lebanese and Palestinians. Israel is responsible for severe war crimes, committed in cold blood without mercy and without differentiating enemy combatants and civilians. There is no other way to describe such an evil and despicable country that commits indiscriminate murder in front of the entire world than as a terrorist state.

As an ally of Israel, the US was presented with the moral obligation of stopping these atrocities. And yet you have not.

You have implied in your silence and stalling that Israel must be given the time to achieve its aims. But what are its aims? The world is told that Israel’s brutal bombings are to take out Hizbollah’s installations. But the world can smell your bulls... from a mile away. Are convoys of Lebanese families fleeing their homes, enemy installations?

People running for safety have been killed by American-made Israeli bombs. Are people rushing to safety with babies and young children considered enemy combatants? Are they?

But I know this does not trouble you. You have become so desensitised to seeing innocent people butchered. You even have a cold, heartless term for those who die at the hands of this brutality — collateral damage. The people who have been killed are not collateral damage. They have been murdered by a country that you continue to protect and support.

You know that Lebanon is just emerging from decades of civil war and rebuilding a better future for its people. Israel’s obliteration of Lebanese homes, bridges, airports and other infrastructure has taken the country a decade back in terms of development.

It has successfully radicalised a new generation of Lebanese youth for whom revenge is now a categorical imperative. In short, Israel has done your dirty work in leaving behind another failed state in the region to join the likes of Iraq and Afghanistan.

The extent of your hypocrisy is sickening. You claim to want to support the spread of democracy in the Middle East. But when election results throw up leaders whom you find unacceptable, you punish the very people you have supposedly liberated with elections.

You announce to the world that you are alarmed by the humanitarian crisis in Lebanon but you continue to deliver weapons to Israel to inflict the very suffering that you supposedly decry. Is it any wonder that so many people in the world hate your Government? You have absolutely no sense of integrity let alone a commitment to justice.

You want the world to fight terrorism with you. We sympathised with the people of the US in the aftermath of 9/11, but with your invasion of Afghanistan, Iraq and now with you abetting the murder of the Lebanese and Palestinians, you have not just depleted any goodwill you had but you have also sunk to the level of terrorists yourselves.

You cannot possibly expect billions of youth around the world watching this massacre on their TV screens to subscribe to the war against terror.

What Israel has done and what you have condoned will be responsible for a wave of Muslims who will cross the lines and rationality and tolerance and want to see your destruction. This is your doing. You are pushing so many into the arms of the extremists because of your immorality and absolute disdain towards the sanctity of innocent lives.

As you probably heard during our demonstration outside the conference hall yesterday, those who are angry with you and despise Israel are not just Muslims. Malaysians regardless of race and religion gathered to protest this senseless violence. The entire world — and not just the Muslim world — is against you.

One day, and I pray that day will come soon, the majority of nations will gang up against you. You strut around the world like a big, fat bully with a couple of snotty sidekicks making life a living hell for the rest of us. But one day, we will realise that there is safety in numbers. One day the majority of kids being bullied in the playground will turn against you and no one will come to your defence because you have no real friends. One day, we will all rise to teach you a lesson that is long overdue — that the injustice, discrimination and double standards must stop. We will build a newer world order based on justice and equality of nations. Until that day arrives, you will be despised. Make no mistake about it. In the meantime, please take your blood-stained hands back to the region and do the right thing.

You have the power and influence to save the lives of the Lebanese and Palestinians. Repent now and atone for your sins. For if you do not by the grace of God you will get what you deserve, in this life or the next.

Yours sincerely,Khairy Jamaluddin

The writer is an investment banker and deputy head of Barisan Nasional Youth.


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b said...

Ijad, have you read what had to say about KJ's letter to Blind Woman Rice..?

Just another perspective of the issue la. Not really the war issue, more like, KJ's own issue. U should check it out.

Mohd Sharazad Saiful Bahri said...

Dear Brandon.
Thank you for the comment.
In time of analysing issues, different people may present different views from various perspectives. The beauty of it is how we put it in one medium to reach the best consensus. I am just trying my best to contribute via my piece of mind.

Regarding the HSBC Young Entrepreneur Awards, yes my team did proceed to Round 2. Basically your team has to come up with just A UNIQUE AND RELEVANT idea or innovation, which contributes to the betterment of the society as a whole. Cost-benefit analysis pre and post of your project is crucial. Budgetary planning and how you achieve the lowest cost which brings an effective execution of the project are essentials too.

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All the best in your path to be a mechanical engineer. May all of us could contribute to the growth of our beloved Malaysia.

Mohd Sharazad Saiful Bahri,
BA (HONS) Industrial Economics,
University of Nottingham,
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Mohd Sharazad Saiful Bahri said...

Thank you B for the recommendation.

Looking forward to read Aisehman's writings.

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