Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Malaysian Night 2007

(Photos: Yi Ning and Phil Jackson's Copyright)

Event Details
Date: 10th March 2007
Time: 5.30 pm for Dinner
8.00 pm Play starts
Portland Building for Dinner
King's Meadow Campus for Play
Theme: Mythical Malaysia
Formal / Traditional
£15 (Dinner and Play)
£8 (Play only, early booking)
£10 (Play only, at the door)

* Those who attend will have a chance of winning a lucky draw prize of a ticket to Europe worth £ 499!

"Across the North Sea,

Wayfarers all of us be,
Soil of Malaya whence we tell thee,

Spirits of Hang Tuah, Cheng Ho, and Gandhi,

The golden tales we present once and only,

The pride of the Sultan undoubtedly,

The beauty of Puteri Gunung Ledang, heavenly,

The wily Raja Bersiong the Fanged King, wickedly,

Dwelling anger of Hang Jebat ferociously,

Share this lifetime cup of tea,
Anew wilful wisdom worldly-wit we shall see,

Rise to this glittering promise, a memory" (Sharazad)

Thanks to all, without every one of you, this would not be such a memory.

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