Thursday, December 22, 2005

Je vais a l'istanbul le dimanche
I felt so tired the whole day. I had my French class with Madame Wenny Kermovant in Bangsar at 1pm and we learned about chez le boucher, le boucher, un roti de veau, la boulangerie, la charcuterie, l'epicerie, et le bureau de tabac! Hmmm. During the lesson, we had few interlude chats and she told me about her 'obstacles' in buying the cinema tickets for King Kong, in which she had to queue for about 30 minutes last week but it was a disappointment as she had been told by the ticketing person that the ticket could only be bought in advance a day before the show. Next, she went to the GSC Mid Valley yesterday at 9 am and there was already a long queue, waited for another 30 minutes and finally got the tickets for 3 (she, her son, and her son's friend).

She also told me about her desire to go back to France in the next summer and spend about 2 weeks there, somewhere in the north of France but definitely not more than fortnight. Why? She would be dying in boredom to stay more than fortnight, as she said. Oh yes, I learned a new pronounciation today: PARIS ( pronounce as PA RI) Hmmm.

Then, we talked about the bitterness of winter in Europe, how cold is cold during the winter as one has to wear thick clothes to warm the body plus gloves, caps, scarves, and other weird gear that do not exist in Malaysia's diary of clothing. We discussed about the pros and cons in using heater and the old-style chimney, which in my point of view I prefer the latter because not only it is a more effective way to heat up the house but it also can be part of the decoration in the house, which gives an attractive view resembling luxurious, old English aristocrat's mood in the living room. All of a sudden, I recalled a poem that I used to study before 'The Chimney's Sweeper' by William Blake which portrays how the English people in the old days (the Dark Age as I defined it) make used of the homeless children to clean up their chimneys without any payment be made and as a result, there was a special act and legislation proposed by some 'enlightening' English people in fighting against the discrimination on the children (William Blake was one of them, I think so). Then, Wenny gave me a nod, yes she agreed that to clean up the chimney is a total mess, lots of dust and it takes a long time resulting her refusal to do the work if she had to.

Mmm, I have to do my revision soon. My flight to Istanbul is in 3 days time, and sooner or later I have to fill my luggage with thick clothes lest the cold in Turkey at this point of time, worsened by the Bosphorus' breeze. Oh gosh.

Bonne nuit. A plustard.

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Hafizah said...

i just came back from was be prepared! hehe...all in all it's a nice place and worth every penny spent! have fun!!