Tuesday, August 29, 2006

From Kuala Lumpur to Monterrey

A new acquaintance from Mexico who is now practising as a doctor in Monterrey, north of Mexico (It is near Guadalupe. Source: Reader's Digest World Atlas). A friendly woman and her sense of profesionalism captures my degree of respect. Besides, her awareness of the ongoing global news arrived to her curiosity regarding the expulsion of Petronas in the oil concession in Chad; which I found further analysis of news is a must.

A woman doctor will always be respectable in the eyes of the public.

Now I am learning the Spanish language bit by bit, upon Eunice's favour; or she is more comfortable to be called Niza.

Bonito dia = have a nice day
Dulces suenos = goodnight
Como estas = how are you
Estoy bien = i'm good

Terima kasih Doctor Niza. All the best in your career :)

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