Monday, August 21, 2006

Monday, 21 Aug 2006

7.30 am: I went to Mont Kiara Medical Centre KLCC early this morning to arrange for my medical checkup appointment. Had an early, solitary breakfast at Coffee Bean soon after while catching up with the latest news by reading the newspaper, metaphorically my usual curtain-raiser of the day.

I took a cab back home, driven by a young Indian man. The sombre, with a bit of forlorn mood of most KL citizens in the morning was not the obvious reflection from his face. I decided to break the flame of silence in the cab by initating an informal conversation with him; I asked about his previous passengers and where did he send them to. As the guard of prejudism and self security has been laid down, the initial chat that seemed pointless arrived to a topic that I least expected from him - The dream castle built upon the heart of Siti Nurhaliza and Datuk K.

His explanation and positive views on the publicly-surreal marriage to most Malaysians awed me with the sense of respect towards him. He said let them choose the life that they believe in together, let us drain away the negative thinking as they are also human beings who only themselves know what is the best for them. Their personal matters and intangible issues preceeding the latter's divorce are not our garden to walk into.

I told the driver, yes. Let the garden blooms with colourful flora, the pouring rain will add the ambience of harmony if God permits; for the passers-by to cherish, and to ponder on what is good and bad in a marriage. Every marriage has its ups and downs, the pivot of a successful marriage is how a husband juggles them with his wife to let the ups prevail based on the experience of downs.

As Amrose Bierce quoted - Love: a temporary insanity, curable by marriage, and I added - with a good and successful woman :)

The sight of my dearest abode marked the sad end of this unexpected-yet-enriching conversation with this wonderful acquaintance whom humility prevails in him. I bid; Thank you Sir. Hope to meet you again in the future.

Pour de l'amore Siti Nurhaliza et Datuk K; my wish of future happiness is echoed by "Selamat mendirikan mahligai hidup suami isteri hehe. Tawanan hati terpaut di buaian indah seorang wanita yang berjaya apabila mahligai menyeru masanya"

Let them speak.
Let them talk.
Most people see grey in times of imaginating oneself in other people's shoes.
I see blue, I see red too in my willingness in analysing this wonderful issue. I prefer the former, based on my incompleteness of a human being which God knows the best for one's happiness.


Now, let us pray for the disruption of the IFC. Not to forget, the evil-driven NGOs. You know which one. Yes.

S'il vous plait (svp) - Please response and show the dissatisfaction citizens.


Anonymous said...

please reply = respondez sil vous plait (RSVP)

admire your writing....thank you for the good thots

fatgirlslim said...

i didnt understand why the reporters write the wedding is one of the sejarah in msia, the wedding is the most important evant in msia, sedangkan bnyk hal lagi yg lebih penting..this is what we call "malaysian"..too bz with something that are not important

Mohd Sharazad Saiful Bahri said...

Media coverage is meant to be sensational. Media coverage tends to incline to the present government too. Yes you are right Nuruel.

I just bid good luck for the newly-weds, and it applies to the rest who are getting married.

Mohd Sharazad Saiful Bahri said...

Merci beaucoup Anonymous.

Oui, respondez sil vous plait.


quenqon said...

Now, let us pray for the disruption of the IFC. Not to forget, the evil-driven NGOs.


Mohd Sharazad Saiful Bahri said...

Yes Iskandar. Thank you.

Emir-kun said...

Can I get a present if I correctly guess which NGOs are that? :P

Minta tuhan panah petir semua mereka-mereka yang bersengkongkol dengan kumpulan-kumpulan pelampau nih. Amin.